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Friday, October 9, 2009

just listen...then think...then, hopefully, act

Please dont assume you know whats goin in peoples dont. Just because they look happy or can smile through it all doesnt mean they're not hurting...a smile can mask a lot from so many.

Dont waste a day, give people a reason to smile, give them a hug, show them some never know how much it truly means to them. Good day or bad, people always need some love & most definatly a hug.

Make sure people feel that love you have for them, make sure you tell them what they mean to you, make sure you have kind things to say, your words could help or hurt way more than you even know.

And please don't ever take your family or friends for granted. We are all truly on borrowed time and never really know when that time will be up. Always tell 'em you love them and spend as much time with them as ya can. I promise you won't regret it in the end, it will totally be worth it.

Try to remember, no matter how happy someone looks, there could be so much pain inside they're masking, do you really want to risk it, not knowing if it is you who can save them from that pain, if only for a minute, or will you just let that opportunity pass you by...?

It can be so simple to brighten someones day, small things do wonders, give it a shot...

"Laugh a little longer & love a little deeper"


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