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Friday, October 9, 2009

Here We Go Again

So here we are again
Same process
Same stupidity
Probably same ending
...Different name

Can’t believe I let myself do this again
What was I thinking
Why didn’t I learn

More people hurt
It weighs on me
I didn’t want this
We don’t need this

I need to just not let it run
I let it go
And it runs to far
Shorter leash?
Nah, don’t even need to let it go at all
Stay with me forever, inside... never run again

But, yet I’ve done it again
Pain I’ve caused
I can’t mend it
I can’t fix any of this

So again I’m left waiting
How bad did I mess up now
Is there even a future
Is it all gone…over
I’m still hoping
There could be a happy ending
But I’m not optimistic
All I can do is wait, hope, wonder and pray

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