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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Humanity... you continue to let me down.  I lose more faith in you everyday, I really wish you would prove me wrong, but again, you never do, your always a let down, one after another.   I don’t understand you; how you can do the things you do to the people you do them to.    How can people who are supposed to be there for you and you should be able to trust, just all of the sudden change, maybe they don’t change, maybe we’re just blind to it because we don’t want to see it.   Why do I not listen to myself... I throw out my instincts because I shouldn’t have had to worry about this from you of all people.  You are not what you claim to be, I was beginning to trust you, and I feel like a fool for it.   People are so two faced, they just act whichever way will make them liked or get them into a group of people.  They set out to gain the trust and love of others and then just end up doing what they set out to do, hurt people. Why in the world would you set out to hurt others, why?  People ask me why I don’t trust, this is why… I trust and I’m let down, time and time again.

I don’t understand humanity… what goes through someone’s head when they speak and do things… where in there says, ‘yup, this is ok’?  I don’t think I will ever know the answer to this, but it still baffles me and frankly gives me a headache.  I understand stupid mistakes, but conscious decisions…no, I don’t get those.

To many times people want to make a judge on age and tie that to maturity, I’m sorry, age is just a number and has nothing to do with maturity... trust me. I spend most of my life around people 2 and 3 times my age and can honestly say that they are a lot less mature than I am and act like fools and I swear they don’t think before they speak and just try to stir things up.   Don’t get me wrong, you should be able to say how you feel, but you should be censored as to how you say and handle situations and please get your facts straight before you talk about things… you just come off as ignorant and a real J.A.  

Again, humanity has let me down… maybe I should lower my expectations, maybe I think to much of you... I don’t know.  I do know that I’m just going to stop hoping for it to change and if it happens, then awesome, but most likely, it won’t.  Ill keep being me and doing things right, at least right in my eyes.  Just please, please, please think before you speak and do things... take into consideration others and the consequences of your words and what picture they paint of you.


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