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Friday, October 9, 2009

If You Only Knew

If you only knew
Knew the pain
In my head
My heart
My soul

It hurts
I hurt
I hurt for you
I hurt for them
I hurt for me

I try to just smile
I try, very hard
You know what
I’m tired

I’m tired of pretending
I can’t take much more
I’m not even sure I can take any at all

I’m slowly dying
Dying inside
My soul is going
Faster and faster

My heart
My poor heart
It’s done
The last real beats are gone
Just going through the motions now

I’m done
I’m done trying
I’m done hurting
Well, that’s a lie, I will always hurt
I’m just done caring
Just accepting the pain now

I’m certainly done hurting people
I’m gonna be the one who makes them smile
I’m gonna light their way
My darkest day will be their brightest
And I’m ok with that
As long as they are ok
That’s all that matters

Just maybe one day you will see my pain
Then you might just say you’re sorry
For all you say
No matter what people have
They can be the most unhappy
They can still hurt, a lot
One day you will realize this
I just hope
It’s not too late…

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