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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Begin rant
-ok, so... where do people get off thinkin that they determine if im goin to Heaven or Hell?  Just because of the type of music I listen to isn’t something you like or ‘approve’ of does not mean I’m goin to hell. Im not listening to the music for your benefit, nor am I seeking your approval.   Just because i cuss, does not mean im goin to hell.  Ill b the first to admit, Ive got a sailors mouth, im tryin to clean it up & i pretty much limit it to certain places, but yes i slip... Im sorry.  Still doesnt tell me why you think your gonna determine my fate, last time i checked, that wasnt up to you.  People judge way to much, by judging me arent you doin exactly the same thing we as Christians arent supposed to do?(Romans 2:1-3) I know ive made my share of mistakes & will continue to im sure, but that doesnt mean im any less of a good person than you .  Im workin on the cussing people, but lets face it, i know i will always cuss to some extent, it might get better, maybe even worse, but im trying. And, my music, yea, its not goin anywhere, ill listen to what i want to listen to, i listen to it all, just because its not all 'faith' music doesnt mean a thing, again... Last time i checked, its not up to you to determine my fate!  :)
Side note, just because I don’t go to “church” does not mean im any less than you, I don’t need to go to a building to chat, I don’t need the ‘social’ experience, as in mu eyes church, at least around here, has become.  It has become something people do to go see friends and let me tell you, they are a closed off group, many not accepting of others AT ALL.  So I choose to do my chats one on one and not be looked at for being new, don’t judge me because I don’t go to your building to do so.
End rant


What is it with people & the issue of just keeping your mouth shut. Learn when to just shut up.  You end up makin yourself look like an even bigger j.a. & not to mention, your maturity level drops majorly. You dont need to stick your nose into other situations & keep drawing them out. Also, talking about people behind their back is shallow, but it's especially shallow when what your blabbing about isn't even true.  If your gonna talk about someone, say it to their face & make sure whats coming out of your mouth is true.  Just listen for once, take it all in, (here’s the important part) THINK, then speak or don't.

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