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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


These tears I shed are for you
Your emotions raging in me
Your feelings become mine
You pain, now mine
All inside, I take it all in…away from you

Why am I sad
Why am I hurting
Why all this pain

I’m hurting for you
I’m crying for you
I’m taking your hurt
Your fear
Your worry

You don’t even know it I’m sure
That’s ok
You don’t need to, as long as yours eases
I’m ok with it

I can’t do this forever
I want to, but I cant
It is going to get me one day
It will kill me
I know it

I do it
I try to take it away
So that you hurt no more
These tears continue to fall
This heart continues to ache
They will until your ok
Just let me take it from you…please 


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