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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just Can't Shake It

i just can't shake this. i was in Dallas this weekend, well, on my way home i passed this horrible wreck, actually there were a few all within a small distance.  i mean, ive seen a ton of wrecks and yes they are all bad and i always feel for them and worry.. but it had been a while since ive seen one this bad.  Multiply cars, horrible damage, emergency vehicle after emergency vehicle... i just can't shake it.

im trying my best to distract my mind and just think positive and say there's nothing i could have done, but its eating away at me. i close my eyes and see it, i hear the sounds i heard.. i think it might be getting to me because it is very similar to some wrecks that have claimed the lives of people that i care about...

i dont know, im not sure what to do, i mean, i said a prayer for them, and continue to hope the best, but i should be able to shake this, its frustrating that i can't... 

i need to let it go, but again, i just can't seem to... i need the mental pictures out of my mind, i need the similarities gone, please just leave

im terrified that when i try to sleep tonight, ill close my eyes and see it all again...

im sorry, i just had to get this down


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