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Thursday, February 25, 2010

the last letter

just another letter

dear you,
...i miss you...
...i love you...
...i'm sorry...
covering life's issues,
all of it

all the same things
i've written you a million times

the only difference,
this is the last letter
the last words
the last good bye
the last 'i love you'
this is the last letter

how do you get here

hav u ever felt so alone
so scared
so lost
so hurt
that you wonder
if having no life would be better than having this

how do you get that lonely
so empty
so afraid
without anyone knowing

how'd i get here
to that point,
that ending it all
right now
would be better

how does one come to that decision
is it wrong to think about,
am i the only one who has
who is here to stop me
what if i can't stop myself

have you ever felt like this
tbought about it all
have you...
i have

Friday, February 5, 2010


im told, is where the heart is...

what do you do when you feel like you have no 'home'
when you can't find that place
im ready to find home
it's not this place ive lived for almost 20 years
it hurts to say, thats the farthest place from home

home is on the road
home is in the car
home is with MY friends
home is your house
home is what im searching for

i havent had home for as long as i can remember
home is where there is support without anger
home is where there is love without condition
home is where money doesnt matter
where things are not thrown up to you

home is happy,
not always easy, but happy
home is where you can go to bed and look forward to the morning
home is something to look forward to, not dread...

home...where is home
home is where my heart will not ache, my soul will fly & happiness will ensue...

im ready to find HOME