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Sunday, May 30, 2010

"LOVE is not just an emotion, but a motion..."

okay. dont get me wrong, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the date of my birth... its just a cool date & somewhat unique, but... i hate that it always falls on or near or on the observed day of memorial day. it is such a fantastic yet extremly sad holiday & gives the servicemen & women the recognition they deserve EVERY day, unfortunatly they dont always get it. i just wish that for every happy birthday or gift i get, that they would get a THANK YOU... everyone could say it a million times each & it still wouldnt come close to even saying it enough.

a bright side though is that i can always say that im born around memorial day or that im doing my party or lunch on or around that day AND then when someone goes, 'memorial day, whats that?' or 'ohh, the "lake" holiday', i can explain to them what it TRULY is & that its SO much more than just a "lake" holiday.

so, to all you servicemen & women and their families... thank you for all you do, every sacrfice, and the freedom & protection that you give us. without you, i couldnt even write this...

Friday, May 21, 2010


Your eyes don't see the beauty

At my computer
Close and focused
Outsiders can see it's burning indentations on my eyes
My brain
My life as it passes vicariously through my fingers
With each stroke another missed opportunity
Moments in the fabric of my life again wasted
No undo
No replay
No way to relive time as it should have been
As I wish it was
Leaving me feeling
And unprepared for the true splendors of God's creations

do you understand

do you understand what you're doing to me?
do you understand what you're pushing me to do?
more importantly, do you understand what you're doing to them?
do you understand the life you lead?
do you understand the pain you cause?
do you understand the effect you have?
the consequences you are sure to face?
do you understand... tell me, do you...

...i don't think you do...

one day you'll see what you've done
one day you'll see the pain
one day you'll see the life you lead
one day you'll see the effects
live out the consequences
one day you'll understand

...i just hope it's not too late, but if it is, farewell...