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Friday, August 21, 2009


Why did I do this…

I never meant to hurt you…

That’s the last thing I would do,

Im sorry


I feel like ive ruined it..

Any friendship we could have ever had..


Im scared…

I need you…

U are the only one who understands..

I have so many questions

I guess they’ll stay questions until I find another to answer or I answer them myself

Again, Im so sorry


If I had known, I would have stopped…long ago



Why do I always do this…

Too much, to quick

Walls down that should have never come down

Theyre up now, 3x as tall and thick..

I know u would never hurt me with what u know, but im still scared


I always manage to do this

I did exactly what I didn’t want to…


Now im left here feelin like an ass

Boy was I wrong, I actually thought all was ok


I hadn’t a clue I was messin up


It was already to late I guess


Apologies I can give

Wont change what I did

I hurt u

…im sorry


*August 4*

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