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Saturday, August 22, 2009


I wrote this a while back....just found it and tweaked it a bit... 

a friend is gonna try to put it to music, so we'll see.. maybe it will end up as a song



Turn right, turn left,

It's all controlled,

The emotions inside, to contain the war below,

But the darkness inside

Is tearing me down,

I'm forever falling like this,

With broken wings and a forgotten halo,

And now I'm just praying for a reason to fly again…


In an empty apartment

With the lights turned off,

My eyes will close and I'll slip away,

In a different time and in a different place,

To where this all might be okay,

But with the memories gone

And the light fading fast,

I'll find love within the dark,

For I'm losing myself,

But at least I'm free,

And the only price I have to pay is the giving of my dieing heart….


Left behind are all the reasons

But they're just lost on a dieing road,

The darkness held off 'till the dusk once more,

Thank you to the dreams of those going on forever, so long and so unknown…


So hard to read

But harder to write,

The truth of this is so hard for us all,

So keep your ears on deaf

And your lips on mute,

And watch the children of this world as they forever fall…




We Whisper goodbye…

Voices lost inside the dark

And our redemption's found through strife,

These cries are warnings

Don't take your path…

Where everybody forget to care at all…


In a World of denial,

Where pain's ignored,

We close our eyes and slip away,

To leave the world and watch it from afar,

Maybe this is the only way…

For silence in sleep

Seems so much stronger than being awake,

But maybe someday, this will all finally change,

And someday,


You'll find the strength inside to hear,

The words of silent prayers…



For this silence is our prayer

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