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Friday, August 21, 2009


im sorry I wasn’t what you expected,
im sorry I was different…
I really didn’t mean to be, I just meant to be me
Im sorry that’s not what you wanted
Im sorry if I lead you on to something different
Im sorry if I hurt you in the end

If I only knew what she had
What made her stand out
Then I could understand
What you see in her…

I know im not her
Never will be
But im just curious what it is
What she has

If just for a day,
I could see what you see in her
Then I could see what you don’t see in me

Just for that moment
I think I could understand

…So many unanswered questions…
Maybe some would find answers,
If I just had that day…

Guess I never will
Unanswered questions shall remain
One day though…
I WILL make sense of it…
Until then, im left wondering…

Ill always be here if and when you wanna talk,
Ill always have a special place for you
Until we talk, there will remain a hole for you…
& yes, im still hurting
but ill make it…im still worried about you though

so I guess im not her
what you see in her is a mystery
but if your happy, im happy…

just wish I saw what you did so I could see what you don’t see in me…

*written August 17*

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