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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Letter to...

Dear you,


One day ill learn

Learn to listen to you


You give good advice,

But I just cant listen I guess


I want it so bad

Ill keep trying

Trying to listen

Trying to learn

Trying to move on

Hell, just move forward


Stuck in reverse

I am now…

Forward is where I want to go

…Where I need to go


To fix me, I need to listen to you

You help others

Why can’t you help me?


It’s not your fault,

I’m stopping this

Not sure why,

I don’t want to but,

I am…

Somehow, someway… I need to get over it


Ill learn,

I’m just not sure it’ll be in time

It may take pain and devastation for me to learn…

But at least I will… eventually


You keep giving it out

Ill keep trying to listen

Hopefully soon, my ears will open,

Until then,

Just keep helping everyone you can…

One day ill take it all in, then maybe, just maybe ill be ok… i HOPE



Sincerely, me

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