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Friday, August 21, 2009


I've never felt so empty
All these emotions swirling from within

These people mean the world to me
And without them a part of me is jus missin

I know all great things must come to and end
But why must this
This sadness I feel, I cannot mend

I just wanna cry
I feel so lost without you by my side

The love that we share
It's just so rare
Words can't explain the pain I feel everyday without you guys

I feel so empty without you
I know in the end we'll be alright
But how can I make it to the end if I can't make it through the night

All these emotions flowing within,
But yet I feel so empty

Now I cry as I write this
Because it is you that I miss

I will never forget
Don't know who I'd be if we never met

The emptyness inside needs to subside
Because now I jus wanna die

The emptyness I feel
Will never leave
Until your back at my side

Now I cry
Because I feel so empty
Until I see you again,
i LOVE you!

*written March 18 2008*

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