Music = survival

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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Do you ever hear a song and lyrics that just speaks to you. Its opens so many feelings and emotions.  It makes you think of someone or something.

For me that’s happens all the time, and it doesn’t just take a song, it can be a line or a phrase… it automatically just sets me off… my emotions begin to flow and I have to write or something.
It can be the simplest thing, but to me it can take on such a large meaning.  I don’t mind it, but sometimes it unleashes emotions and memories that I don’t want to resurface, but I just can’t predict what will set them free

It takes me away form it all, to another world.  Music is my escape, even if it brings other things about, I still love the feeling it gives me, and everything it does to me
Music is something I love and I think this is why.  It speaks to me and touches me with such simply words and phrases… music truly is amazing.

I’m always looking for new tunes, those of you that know me, know this, the rest of you will learn this... tell me, if you don’t mind what song or line or artist as a whole is touching you the most right now and bringing out these emotions