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Thursday, September 17, 2009

In the End

In the end
What will it be like in the end?
I often wonder about this

What is the end?
Is it the end?
Is the beginning?
How will it end?
Is it peaceful?
Is it painful?

What will be there?
How will it look?
Who will be there?
Or will I be alone when it comes?

Will I handle right?
Will I even be able to handle it at all?
Will you handle it?
Will I still be able to help?

Will my life have meant something?
Will it be remembered?
Will I be remembered?
...What for
Good and bad or just bad

Do I fear the end?
I don’t know
I want to say no
But, at times I do…

To you the end maybe one thing
To me another
And another person something different

Regardless of what that is
There are still questions
So many questions
So few answers
Better that way I suppose
Ill keep asking though

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