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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Have I done it again?
I hope not
As much as I care
This shouldn’t happen

Why do I care?
Just causes pain
Did I hurt you?
I’m sorry

Running through my head
All these thoughts
Did I say something?
What? What was it?
Not meant to hurt

Can’t believe I did this again
Only one I could open to
Once again…gone
Who’s supposed to help now?

Keep running you off
Can’t believe it
I miss you
I miss them
I need you
I need them

Sign…I need one
Warning…where’s mine
Never came…to late

Need to deal
Need to heal you
Make you ok

Just talk to me
One last time
I’m scared

Sorry I hurt you
Trust is now gone
Walls back up

Said they’d never come down again
Really, now, they wont
Can’t take the hurt
Your pain, not mine

Did it again
Can’t believe it
Mad at me, not you
My faults, not yours
I’m sorry

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