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Friday, September 11, 2009

The D word...

What is death
Death of mind
Death of body
Death of spirit

....depends who you ask

Do you think about it
I do
What if...
Would it be better
Who would care
Who would remember

What really happens
Whats it like
Am i ready
When will it comes
...not up to me, but i still wonder

Did i live right
Did i fufill my purpose
Shit, what IS my purpose

Some days it seems so pleasant
Others not so much

So much to live for
Yet so many I'd die for
Wouldn't even think twice

So many i wanna see
If death came
I could

Could see you
Smell you
Hold you
Feel you

I could talk to you
Make sure you knew how much i love you
Care for you
Miss you
Think about you
Need you

Death, do you fear it
I used to
Still do at times
Others not so much

It wil come, i know that
One day, guaranteed

Question is
Will you be ready
I hope i am
What really dies
I know the answer in my head
Where do you go
Again, i think i know
Will you be alone
I hope not

"sigh"...Everyday i think about
This mystery called death
Maybe it wont remain that way
Maybe there will be answers
Maybe not
Either way, im fine
Ill continue to ask
And think about it
Till that day comes

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