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Thursday, September 3, 2009

just had to get this off my chest...

It happened as I was driving to eat lunch with my mom… I saw a police officer positioning himself to stop traffic.  I knew what was coming, I came to another light, another cop… then here it comes over the hill.  First I see the police escort, then one after another the men of the Patriot Guard riding along on their bikes… then here comes the family and friends of the fallen soldier… I get chills because not only is it the funeral of a person, but of a soldier, and I also happened to be stopped right in front of the church that I’ve been having a draw too (see previous entry called ‘it happened again…)
The next thing I see really shocks me, I see a few cars trying to pass and keep driving, this sickens me (frankly it took everything I had to keep my mouth shut and not tell them how low I thought they really were) because
1.     You don’t do this as anyone’s funeral passes by, you pull over and stop… show some respect AND
2.     You especially don’t do this as a fallen soldiers funeral passes by, this person gave their life so that you can drive down the road and not worry about anything happening, so that you can worship whomever you please, so that YOU can sleep at night and not worry about getting woken up by gunfire, this person gives you all the comforts you take fore granted
The next thing that happens really irks me, I see protestors, driving along side of the funeral parade, yelling and holding signs that I wont even give the chance to be repeated on here… again, people, I don’t care if you agree with the war or not, respect that this person gave their life for YOU and this country.
At this point, my emotions are wacked out, I’m fighting tears, having chills, and am vey pissed all at the same time… the fact that I’m almost in tears really gets to me, because most people that know me know that I don’t cry, it scares me that I’m having to fight the tears back, I mean don’t get me wrong, I get sad, but I don’t cry…
…But I still have some hope, because of the next thing that happened, the cars at the front of the line of stopped cars at this light, criss-crossed so that the people that wanted to show their disrespect could not get through, the car next to me motioned for me to roll down my window, I did, asked if I wanted to help block the path too, I said yes of course… we then positioned our cars so that nothing could get through… We shouldn’t even have to do this though, people need to remember what respect is and to care about others, even if you go all day thinking about yourself, take this opportunity to remember other people and their struggles and sacrifices.  Take this chance to show that you have the ability to think of others first, I mean I’m no saint, I do a lot of wrong and it takes a few people sending me thing or hitting me in the head to jar me out of that mood…
We all forget how good we’ve got it; we need to remember how lucky and blessed we all are…
---So I think I got off topic a bit, I’m sorry, but once I get going, it’s hard to stop---

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  1. That makes me sick! But at least a few of you had the decency to be respectful and help out. That's the only saving grace.