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Saturday, July 10, 2010

sixty-five days

65 days…
It’s been sixty-five days.
What’s different?
…To tell the truth, at this point, not much.
More than likely, that’s my fault
I’m about the same place I was when I started
Gaining more knowledge,
Along with it, more scars
Sixty-five days
65 days since I started something new
Since I started over
I guess I didn’t really truly start over
Just proceeded with a new emotion
Same direction
Same mistakes
Same hurts
Do I feel different?
Honestly, maybe a little
But not much
I want to, but I refuse to lie to myself and others and say yes
I am trying
I am moving, not sure in what direction but I am moving
Sixty-five days
65 days ago I made a decision, a decision that did and will change my life
A lifelong decision, a never-ending decision,
A decision that will be with me for the rest of my life…
A decision only I could make
Sixty-five days ago

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