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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

" more pain, no more fear, no more sorrow..." ♫

My mom’s aunt is dying. Mom went down to Dallas to see her and essentially say goodbye. Jan has cancer and has really given up, refusing andymore chemo or any other treatment for that matter. She was in the hospital but the doctors sent her home, there’s nothing more they can do. They sent her home to die in comfort.
There is no more helpless feeling than seeing someone you care about give up and submit to death; knowing that’s there’s NOTHING you can do to help them.
I’m home in Arkansas with dad, mom’s on her own in Texas, having to deal with herself and her mother, Jan’s sister. Mom has little support there, there is some other family in town but still; I think it would be better if dad could have gone.

This afternoon, Wednesday- July 28, mom text me. She told me that Jan is really sick, not doing well at all and they don’t think she will make it to tomorrow and that Jan said she loved me. That last bit tears me up; she loves me…really, wow. I hardly have talked to her in the last year and barely saw her at all… maybe once every few years. To see that someone who only has few breaths, words, left took the time to use those words to tell me, me of all people, that she loves me… it kills me. It also reminds me of some things we all need to remember; we gotta make sure people know how we feel about the, tell them you care and love them. Do it now, you never truly know when you’ll get another chance. Another thing, love has no bounds, no matter if you talk to them every day or only every now and then, they still care about and love you, never forget that.
It’s sad that it takes death and circumstances such as that to bring people together and bring out the loving words and reminders.

Death has always intrigued me, but more so the things that are brought to the surface because of death. I have mixed feelings on it; it’s sad in one sense but very joyful & peaceful in another, you’re finally free once death comes.

*aunt Jan died Thursday afternoon, July 29, 2010*

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