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Thursday, July 8, 2010


dear boy. you broke my heart. you probably dont even know, thats okay. i suppose its better that way. im the best friend, thats all i am. just know that when she breaks your heart, ill be there... holding you, with a shoulder to lean on. ill always be there. ill always love you, no matter how much pain you bring to my heart. know that every minute spent with you brings me joy & a smile on my darkest days... they are the best days yet the hardest at the same time. having you right in front of me yet knowing i cant have you, kills me. you will always have my heart & i know one day you'll hold me, if not because im 'the girl' then just because he broke my heart & i need to be held. boy, i love you & always will, no matter what. know that ill never blame you for the pain caused on your account. you are the first thing i think about when i wake up & the last when i shut my eyes.

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