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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

smile...or is it?

ive found that some of the people who appear to be the most upbeat and can make you smile the most & easiest are the ones hurting the most & are the saddest.  take some time to make them smile, tell them you care & show 'em some love.

sometime people have the ability to help others & know what to say to many but when it comes to oneself they can not take that advice. hypocrit? maybe, but not in my eyes. the ability to help others before helping ones self might not be the best thing but shouldnt the fact that others are being helped be the most important thing? sometimes these people just need to hear what that have been telling others, even if it is their own words spit right back at them or even said in a different way.

when you see a smile, think about if its true or if its a mask, dont be afraid to dig a bit to get to the truth...
when you hear a laugh, listen, really listen, you may be suprised at what you hear...

remember, behind those words & smiles there can be much pain & sadness...

-previous entry, re read...think about, take what you want-


You see a smile
I see pain
You hear joy
I hear sorrow
You hear a laugh
I hear a cover
You hear "I'm ok"
I hear "I'm hurting"

You see me
But don't REALLY see me
You hear me
But don't really listen

I mask
You don't dig
Will you still love
When you see past the mask...
Will you ever even see underneath

A smile
A laugh
A mask
...Cover up
The pain
The secrets
The sorrow

No tears will fall
No pain will be dealt
Masks continue to pile on
And I shall speak but two words...
"I'm ok"

One day these two, short words may be true, just maybe...

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