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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Than Your Eyes

judging...why do people feel the need to judge. what is it about a person that says it's ok to like or more often, not like them? why do others feel its ok to judge before knowing. i just don’t understand.

we judge solely based on looks, colour, music, knowledge, etc., things that are made more important than they truly are. what happened to getting to know people, accepting them just the way they are, the way they were made. hardly anyone does that & it's sad because so many people are missing out on wonderful people, people that are not given a chance because you are judging them for who you THINK they are, not who they truly are. we are hurting one another in doing so. those people judging are missing out on lessons & friendships they could learn & have with people. those being judged are getting hurt by others words & judgments, longing for the love & acceptance of others that they’re not getting. take a step back & just observe others doing this to one another, you WILL be surprised.

i will be the first to say i have been guilty of this myself, but i am working very hard to stop judging with eyes & start seeing with my heart, i hope you can do the same. trust me, you will get so much out of this decision as will a lot of others, you will no doubt meet some absolutely amazing people in the process.

give this one a read if ya like,
Romans 2:1-3

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