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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Music ♥

you ever hear  a song you've heard a million times but it finally you get it?  ...ive been findin those left & right as of late. songs ive heard literally a hundred times but they just hit me or make so much more sense now. theyre so much more than just words, theres a story or a message... one i just now got. they just 'click' now, i just get it...

or you hear those songs you feel like they was written for or about you? im findin those too, the ones that i swear were written for or about me. i guess im just actually listening now maybe...

its all just hitting me hard, maybe what i need

i guess both of these mean that the artist is good at what they do, afterall no one would listen if they couldnt relate in some way, right?

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