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Saturday, April 24, 2010

a way out

they say its the easy way out
well yea it probably is...
they say its the wrong way out
again, it probably is...
but there comes a point where that doesnt matter,
when you just get to a point that a way out is all you want.

how do you get here
where the pain
the fear
& the restless nights
drive you to do something more,
to take control of just ONE thing.

what stops you
who stops you
is it the knowledge of just one person
is it the care for a few
is it knowing,
that even though you've given up on yourself
that there is still someone who hasnt given up on you

there comes a point where you just dont want to fight anymore
you dont want to keep holding on
there is still someome not prepared to let go of you...

as long as theyre holding on
you wont go anywhere...

even if they dont know it,
they are holding your life in their hands
they are SAVING you

...G and J... just let go, please...

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