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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Sometimes we all gotta take a step back from our crazy lives...

We take so much for granted, we gotta stop and focus on the little stuff that makes such a BIG impact on us...the love & care of the people around us. You gotta have supportive people around you; you can't always make it alone & when you fall who's gonna help you up?

For the friend who cries the moment they see you cry and don't even know why you're Grateful

For the ones who show you how to love, even when you don't know Grateful

For those you hurt & push away and in spite of it all, still love Grateful

For the ones you try and hide things from, but can read still read you like a Grateful

For the ones who have a 'secret' crush on you, but who will still hold you while you cry from a broken heart of Grateful

For the ones who are there for you, when you need them at any given Grateful

For those who want to love you...let them love you & Grateful

For those who are so patient & forgiving of Grateful

For the ones who won't turn their back on you & walk away when you need them the Grateful

For those who love you & still pray for you Grateful

If some one makes a positive impact on your life & makes you smile...tell them how much you appreciate it. The love of people carries no price...never take anyone for granted.


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