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Saturday, June 12, 2010

words... such power

Why do I work so hard to keep my promises when people just throw words around like they’re nothing and have no intention of keeping their promises or actually meaning what they say? Does anybody realize how powerful words are? They can do so much harm, so much good, hurt so many, and provide something to hold onto for others. Don’t say you’ll do something or TRY to do something if you have NO intention at all of doing it or even trying too.  If you say something to someone, you better mean it with all of your being. If you choose to say something hurtful, watch out... you have no idea the influence of your words.  Choose to say something nice, I know its hard sometimes, but again... the impact of those words span MUCH farther than you can even imagine. Nobody said it would easy to be the bright spot in some ones day, it is much easier to just not care and in return miss a valiant opportunity to help someone; but do you really want that on your conscious, that you could have provided someone with the hope they need or even just a momentary relief from the rest of their life and troubles? Words… they are one of the most power things out there and some days I wander if people truly understand the affect they can and do have on so many with even the smallest words and phrases. Many days I curse the fact that everyone is allotted a mouth to speak from… TWO ears, ONE mouth…maybe we should all listen a little more and speak a little less; at least until we understand the power of what comes from our mouths.

Never underestimate the power and affect your words have, both positive and negative, on everyone you come in contact with… It can be so simple to brighten some ones day, small things do wonders; it is also so easy to hurt someone with so few words too.

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