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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I just want to tell you how much you mean to me. You really have no idea, well maybe some idea, of how much i love you. We have come so far & gotten so much closer as of late, im very thankful for that. You have that rare ability to calm me in any situation. Without you, i'm pretty sure i would die. I see only a tad of what you put up with & go through, i wish i knew how to help & take some of your pain & worry. I don't know who i would be without you, i know i would be worse off. You are the only one who truly 'gets' me, you are an angel in my eyes. Its so nice to have someone who understands & i can always talk to. I hope everyone can have someone like you in their life. I dont deserve to have you as a part of mine, but im so blessed that you are though. My love for you is the best kind of all in my opinion, not the romantic, but the true love of friendship & life. I'm here for you & always will be. I really do trust you with my own life.

I love you,
-kris <3

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