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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


some people say 'oh, i'd die for you or for them'... not thinking about the truth of their statement, i mean afterall who will hold them too it...right?  well think about it, who would you die for, if anyone... who would die for you, do you think there is someone who would? what is these peoples relation to you?

i can honestly say that i have a handfull or more of people i would die for... none of which are of direct blood relation to me. i would happily die for these people, does that mean i want to run out & put myself & them in a situation that will lead to this end? no. but if a day does come & it's their life or mine, they will be walking out just fine and ill be left dead... i will have meant my words, acted upon them and done so happily. does this make me a fewl, maybe? but it does not make me a liar.

they will go on to live their life and do good. do i expect someone to die for me, choose my life over their own? no.

chances are someone has already died for you in some way at some time.

i say what i mean & mean what i say... i would die for YOU.

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